The main area of our sale: home and commercial spa, family and outdoor whirlpools SWIM SPA and heat pumps MODULE ONE.

Technologies and controlling

  • Chromotherapy LED 12 Multi Color P.H.C®
  • Cutting-edge Non-chlorine Technology®
  • Generic FreshWater® O3 Ozonizer
  • High performance technology of PUMP
  • High perfomance technology of JETS
  • Electricity Connection: 1x230V/1x16A or 3x380V/400V V50Hz/3x16A

Technical components and equipments

  • Total number of jets
    Ultra Jets Stainless P.H.C - 26-36 pcs
  • Number of water jets
    Stainless P.H.C - 14-24 pcs
  • Number of air jets
    Stainless P.H.C - 12 pcs
  • Chromotherapy LED 12 Multi Color P.H.C
    Intelligent System
  • THIX-FIX® CS Unique Construction
    Original by Canadian Spa International®
  • Original Design by
    Canadian Spa International®
  • SPAZAZZ® Aromatherapy Made in USA
    Packet Equipment
  • Stainless control and massage features
    Packet Equipment
  • Combo Membranne Cleaning System
    Original by Canadian Spa International®
  • ALU Fixed Ultralight Construction
    Original by Canadian Spa International®

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10 Reasons Why... to choose a whirlpool Canadian Spa International®

Unique features and technologies only from Canadian Spa International®

Synergy - unique disinfection system by Canadian Spa International®


Disinfection System

Unique patented American technology for the most effective and the most gentle disinfection of the whirlpools and the swim spas in the world. The most intensive disinfection effect of 99.9%…

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Canadian Spa International® - hot tubs with unique 3D jets

3D Human


3D Human Hydro jets - unique pressure vibrating jets with deep massage and pressure-vibrating effect of water vibration and effect of massage hammers. There are a couple of jets or…

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Vision control panels - Canadian Spa International®


Control Panels

Innovative regulation element VISION LED STEEL CONTROL PANELS for regulation of air and possibly of other massage features, fountains, waterfalls. New regulator is specifically designed for ergonomic control and equipped…

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Hot tubs Canadian Spa International® with unique sheathing technology Lacan TT



Patented design coating. Unique 4-chamber thermal-insulation system of the coating. This unique feature is made of the high quality PWC materials with wooden mixture and an open chamber profile which…

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